My 5 day juice cleanse - Day 1

So here we are again - Day 1 of my 5 day juice feast!

Even though I coach juicing, and even though I'm an advocate of juicing - I'm not gonna lie, I struggle with the thought of not eating for five days. Mainly because - I LOVE food. One of the main questions I get asked as a vegan is "but what do you eat?!"

Believe me, there is so much variety one can eat on a vegan diet, there is such an abundance of fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds, and yes, vegan chocolate is available - and that's one of the main reasons why I struggle juicing (not just because I miss the chocolate, but because of all the amazing food that is offered by nature). When I'm not juice feasting I make the tastiest and most nutritious smoothies and salads, eating is always something to look forward to, especially when I'm working out.

Never the less juicing is a challenge, yet there are benefits to be had.

Challenge number 1 on my first day of juice feasting - my juicer just broke #WTF. Its not completely broken so I can manage to get some juice squeezed out, but not as much as I'd like, so now its operation buy another juicer ASAP.

I have actually not been feeling to hungry for most part of the day, although as I am writing this blog post its nearing 17:00 in the evening and my internal clock feels like its saying to me "erm, is it dinner time yet". My stomach does feel flat and empty. I've drank about 4 pints of juice so far, and I will aim to drink another 2 or 3 more pints before bedtime. Speaking of time, whenever I am juice feasting, I always become aware of how much extra time I have on my hands. Time can often get munched up preparing and eating food, and so I have realised today that there have been moments when I've been like 'hmmm what shall I do now'. The good thing about that is I have had the time to write this blog, and I went and got a hair cut too. I've also bought some Epsom salts for a soak in the bath later.

One of the biggest things that flags up on a juice cleanse or juice feast are our 'food habits and addictions'. When the 'go to' foods are taking away, our emotional buttons can start to get triggered- the comfort foods have been taking away, and so suddenly life becomes not as, well - comfortable! That's why juicing can be challenging, but with the right attitude and intention, this can be a good thing. You can really learn a lot about yourself on a juice feast in more ways than you may ever have imagined.

On my first ever fast some 8 years ago, I lost a lot of weight. At that time, I was a meat eater, I basically had the standard diet of meat and two veg. I also drank milk and ate cheese. I ate a lot of refined sugars, chocolate, processed foods etc., I wouldn't think twice about using a microwave. I drank quite a bit of alcohol - most nights actually as I was previously a cocktail bartender by trade. I did workout in the gym often, my saving grace to not becoming over weight. However, when I hit the age of 29, I was somehow not looking and feeling as trim and in shape as I was in my early twenties. After my first fasting experience I lost 25kg in weight. It was quite extreme. It was like my body dumped everything out of me that was junk, including quite a bit of body fat - I was stunned actually. You can read more about that <here>

My weight now sits around the 80-85kg mark, so I am interested to see what happens to my body shape on this fasting occasion.

Todays juices have been mainly made up of celery, cucumber, beetroot, apple and carrot. I threw in some kale on some of the juices, and later on in the day I went out and bought some spirulina (powder not capsules) to add to my juices ( I added a teaspoon to each pint). I bought the brand 'Synergy Natural' as that was the only brand they sold in my local health food store, check it out (looks pretty decent) <here> to learn more about spirulina and this particular product. By the end of the day I will have also drank about 4 litres of water.

So all in all, on day 1 I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be, although I cant lie, I have been thinking about food. Tonight I look forward to a hot bath with my mineral salts, some more juice and probably a movie. And I hope to find another juicing machine for tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to day two, read <here> to see how I get on!

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