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The purpose of this site is to help support and educate anyone who is interested in the vegan lifestyle including subjects on detoxing, eating preparing vegan food to growing organic food and soil care. This page is to help you navigate the site and to help you get started.

There are a couple of ways how you can use this site. You can use it as a resource companion by browsing the content and implementing and ideas that are of interest to you, OR you can contact me directly to have personal coaching. To learn more about juice coaching click here and to learn more about Organic gardening coaching click here and for vegan transition coaching click here. 


For educational resources, please scroll up and click on the 'education tab' in the menu bar. In the drop  down boxes you will see a number of educational topics that you can browse at your own leisure. Also in the menu bar is a 'recipes' tab and a 'FAQs' tab, of which can also be used for educational purposes. To contact me directly click here

The best way I have found to learn, is firstly through educating myself on the subject I want to learn about, either reading books, watching documentaries and films, or learning through other people who have experience on the matter. Secondly, is to put into practice all the theory that I have discovered and experience it for myself. Switching to a vegan lifestyle may initially be tricky, and a little time consuming, but after a while you will learn what kind of foods you like, you will become more proficient at making recipes, and you will learn how best to eat for yourself given your lifestyle.

I hope you find this site beneficial. Everything on this site, all of the content, including coaching are free of charge (unless the information is third party either through a book, film or documentary recommendation, then a cost may be required). If you wish to support me, you can make a donation and learn more about donations on the 'donation page'