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'The juice coaching service is for those are interested in juice fasting and cleansing. Together we will map out a journey that will help you create and achieve your health goals, whatever they may be. With me as a your coach, I will be here to encourage and advise you every step of your way

What is Juice Fasting ?


 Fasting is ancient, you may have heard the biblical term, 'Giving it up for lent' , well that sums up fasting really.  I like to term it as 'Giving up an addiction that is not serving your life -AKA giving up something that is potentially killing you' 


There are many kinds of 'Fasts' out there, and I have personally tried a few different ways. My first ever fast was when I was 29. I completed a 7 day water fast. It was pretty radical even by my own crazy standards. I drank only water and herbal tea for 7 days straight, that's right NO FOOD - The results were life changing - please note:Fasting or feasting with juice is a safe way to reboot your system. Any kind of fasting should be approached consciously and seriously. It is intended to be used for short periods of time and not to be used as a standard diet. After fasting, food should be eating with a healthy attitude and appetite. I can help you with your healthy food choices plan.


Here is what happened  to me in a nutshell on my first ever fast :


  • In the first week I lost A LOT of weight. (I can't remember how much exactly, but it was extremely noticeable to me and others) 

  • After the 7 days, for some reason I no longer wanted to eat meat.

  •  I had to educate myself about a vegetarian lifestyle since I no longer wanted to eat meat.

  • In the subsequent weeks after my fast, my weight continued to drop (around 20kg) I lost around 4 inches on my waist. So that means from my orignal start date of cleansing, I dropped from 90kg to 70kg and my waist shrank from a tight 34"  to a loose 30" waist. (These days, my weight has increased and is more stable. I normally weigh between 80kg/85kg. my waist size is between 32/33". I'm 5'11 and work out fairly regular)

  • A few months later I enrolled at the 'Tree of life', the worlds leading rejuvenation centre in Arizona and completed my Three month coaching apprenticeship which covered subjects ranging  from - transitioning to a vegan diet, cleansing, fasting, detoxing, gardening and becoming a raw vegan chef. 


My Juice fast experience:


  Since then, I have completed a few different juice fasts and cleanses. My juice fasts were similar to my water fast, in that I didn't eat any solid food for 7 days. My juices consisted of mainly cucumber and celery as the base. I would then mix that with juiced apples, lemon and ginger for their flavour, sweetness and healing properties. My juice fasts were so much more enjoyable and doable than my water fast, due to the flood of vitamins and minerals replenishing my body. This is why I now promote juice fasting over water fasting.


What you will receive from my coaching:

  • Initial Consultation of 1-2 hours, building our foundation, getting clear, setting intentions and goals, hatching a plan.

  • Coaching calls for the length of your Juice Fast. (You may wish to not want or need these calls. This is entirly up to you)

  • An individualized plan for juices, superfoods, and supplements.

  • Recipe ideas for juices and smoothies. I will send inspirational YouTube documentaries, and other helpful resources. (If you want/need them)

  • Advice on how to break your fast, and reintroduce solid foods.

  • After Care - I will help you choose the healthiest food plan for you after the fast is over, with follow ups to see how you are getting on. And you can get back in touch with me at scheduled times to ask more questions if you need more assistance.

  • I have been where you are before, so I have tried and tested many ways, and 'failed' many times, I will share with you my experiences, my ups and downs, my tears and laughter.

  • Because some of our emotions are stronlgy connected to food, it is also possible that 'emotional processing' will occur, meaning that you may experience a varied amount of emotions that you have never felt before, this could range from anger to grief. This may sound alarming, but it is actually very beneficial and healing for you to feel your emotions as they come up.

  • The convenience of having me as a coach means you don't have to spend time and more money booking yourself into an expensive retreat, and taking time off work. With the Plan{t}, you can still live your normal life. (Although if you are able to not work whilst completing your fast, you can take advantage of the extra rest)


note: I am not a medical doctor, and do not work with clients with severe health issues. Although, I would consider to help you with your personal medical doctors consent and advisory.