My name is Perry and I am passionate about helping people achieve their health goals. I'm certified as a 'Raw Vegan, live food Instructor' through the Tree of life centre and I've managed and worked in London's top juice bars and raw vegan restaurants. I coach juice detoxing, and can also help you transition to a plant-based diet for better health. In recent years I have been gardening, growing food organically/ bio-dynamically and have realised how crucial it is to take care the soil we grow our food in. To be truly healthy, I feel it is vital to firstly understand the health of the of soil, as this will determine the health of our plants, and subsequently the health of our bodies. I also offer coaching in 'organic' growing methods to help you understand how you can grow your own nutritional food. 


I have been on a plant-based diet since 2008 and I have completed many juice fasts (detoxes) myself which were life-changing. Changes such as losing weight, gaining better understanding and more appreciation for where and how food is grown. More importantly, over time I became more compassionate for animals and the planet, which was something I never used to think about before at all. 

Even though I learnt and changed a lot in my physical health, I still had (and continue to have) issues relating to myself emotionally.


With a deeper searching for the Truth about health and wellbeing, In 2010 I came across the teachings of 'Divine Truth' and was inspired instantly. The teachings seemed to solidify, clarify and logically help me understand my physical, emotional and spiritual self. The teachings also helped me to contemplate that God exists, and that 'we' as humans, are able to have a relationship with God. And whats more, through that relationship with God, with our own Soul, we can learn and grow in Love and Truth. To learn more about these teachings you can visit the 'Resources page'

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you can find it beneficial. Everything on this site, all of the content, including coaching are free of charge. If you wish, you can make a donation on the 'donation page'